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Nothing is more traumatizing than watching your home or business being razed down by a fire. Not only can it bring your home or business operations to a halt but a fire affects your family and customers. At Service Restoration of North Carolina, we offer emergency restoration services to help restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition. As the most qualified fire damage restoration company, we have helped homeowners and businesses across North Carolina for more than 30 years. If you require professional fire damage restoration services, call Service Restoration of North Carolina today! 

Fire Services for North Carolina’s Residents and Business Owners

After the fire trucks extinguish the fire in your home or business, fast action is crucial to mitigate any secondary damage. Following a fire-related incident, soot and smoke will settle on the walls and other surfaces. At Service Restoration of North Carolina, we help homeowners and businesses recover from fire and smoke damage. We will assess your home or business and remove the soot, debris, odor, water, and hazardous toxins. After decontamination, our IICRC technicians will restore and repair your home or business back to its pre-fire damage condition. 

North Carolina’s Top-Quality Fire Damage Cleanup Team

With our main locations in Charlotte, Gastonia, Indian Trail, Matthews and Concord, our IICRC team is ready to restore your home to its pre-loss condition. At Service Restoration of North Carolina, our team will assess the damage, isolate the affected area, restore and make repairs. Our trained and experienced team works thoroughly and precisely to restore your home or business. We offer emergency smoke damage restoration services to help mitigate the damage and save you on repair costs. 

A Reliable Fire Restoration Company for North Carolina’s Homes and Businesses

As the leading restoration company in North Carolina, we offer full emergency fire damage cleanup and restoration services. We have state of the art equipment to clean and salvage your furniture and valuables. Without the right equipment and restoration techniques, it’s impossible to get rid of the soot, smoke damage, and odor. As experts, we remove soot, odor and smoke damage from marble, porcelain, tiles, chrome, and aluminum. If you want your home or business to be fully restored, contact Service Restoration of North Carolina. 

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As industry leaders in fire damage restoration, we use state of the art equipment and expertise to salvage and clean your home or business. In the process, we remove soot, smoke damage and foul scent lingering in your home or business saving you a headache. At Service Restoration of North Carolina, we have been in business for the past 30 years. Our expertise allows us to work on your home or business without compromising your health and safety. To find out more about our complete restoration services, Call Service Restoration of North Carolina now!